"Cowboys & Indians" Short Boot

V's short boot.jpg
V's short boot.jpg

"Cowboys & Indians" Short Boot


Grandpa was a Cowboy AND an Indian.  And Grandma is queen.  

Introducing a handmade leather-soled, cow leather boot with hand-loomed, -dyed and hand-embroidered textile from a reclaimed huipil blouse of the Kakchiquel Mayan town of Chichicastenango, Guatemala.

Each detail is lovingly hand crafted with expertise and care, resulting in an extraordinary boot of heirloom quality and style.  

  • Short boot
  • Leather soled shoes are easy to repair
  • 100% handmade from scratch following ancient indigenous weaving traditions, merging with old-world European boot-making craft, influenced by North American cowboy culture.
  • Each boot is one-of-a-kind and patterns may differ from the picture shown.  
  • Handmade to order.  

Available by custom order through the Design Playshop.

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